Czech hydrogen from Tennessee wants to conquer the American car market. He expects a big boom.

Entrepreneurs from the Czech Republic invested almost 900 million krones in a factory for the production of liquid hydrogen in the United States. It is one of the biggest Czech invesments in America. United Hydrogen owners are betting on the rapid expansion of hydrogen-power cars. Thanks to it, the Czech company has become one of the largest companies operating in this segment on the American market.

The factory itself is located in the middle of cornfields in Tennessee. Investors did not choose this place for it by chance. Because nearby is chemical race which producing chlorine and hydrogen is a waste becoming from processing of production.

“We are taking waste hydrogen. Cheap, because otherwise it would venture into the atmosphere. We get it cheap, that is why we are here. With this factory, we will clean it, liquefy it and prepare it for the market,” explained the director of United hydrogen Vladimír Prepad.

Filling the car’s tank with hydrogen cost the customer about 25 percent more expensive than refueling gasoline. However, with this development of technology the price should drop significantly. But hydrogen cars are already supported by eleven US states. In California for example, when buying a car, the owner gets free fuel for three years.

Today, drivers drive around 7,000 hydrogen cars around the world. Half of them are in California – and that’s where the fuel from the Tennessee factory travels.

“ I expect a huge boom. In 2020, there will be 40,000 cars in California only. We have view to 240,000 cars by 2025,” says Czech businessman Pavel Juříček. His company Brano group participated in the invesment in the construction of the factory. Together with other Czech investors, they co-own the company United hydrogen.

Hydrogen pullers

The pioneers in the field of hydrogen fuel cells are the German BMW together with Japanese Mazda. In year 2006, it became the first carmarker to start selling hydrogen-powered cars on a regular basis.

The state of Tennessee is also trying to také advantage of the introduction of acological cars producing zero pollution. It attacks investors with various incentives and low local taxes.

“It is also important for the local economy, because this company creats well-paid jobs with high added value. Payouts start at $ 27 an hour and that’s a very good salary in this part of the United States” said Dan Howell a member of the Tennessee House of Representatives.

Fast investment

However the construction of the factory does not end the Czech investment in the USA. Th eowners plan to build hydrogen filling stations.

“At th moment the Czech Republic is so economically successful that it is o longer primarily looking for America investments in the Czech Republic, but is devoting more and more time to what to invest in here in the USA” said Czech Ambassador to the USA Hynek Kmoníček.

In addition, Czech entrepreuners praise the speed of the US authorities. Vladimír Prepad recall that it took him longer to convince investors than get all the permits to build a factory.

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